How do you open your Garage Door? Do you open it outwards onto your drive? Or do you pull it out and up so that it sits inside your garage? If you said yes to either of these questions then you are missing out!

Opening Your New Roller Garage Door
Here at Garolla, our garage doors are manufactured using a number of small slats. These slats roll up into a secure and contained box that is fixed to the top of your garage. This allows users to make the most or their drive as they can park their car right up to the door and any garage headspace that you may want to use as storage.

This mechanism may sound simple, but it is in fact very advanced and is manufactured using only the best quality components. The exterior of our slats is covered in anti-corrosive paint that is designed to provide an appealing, long-lasting finish; whereas the inside is created from aluminium and insulated to ensure maximum security and thermal efficiency. While the octagonal barrel that the slats roll into offers more protection than the round barrel traditionally used in garage doors.

With different slat sizes being available, it doesn’t matter on the size of your garage, we can create an easy opening Roller Garage Door for any garage.

If all this wasn’t enough our garage doors are electric and can be opened and closed by a remote control that can be kept in your car. This non-cloneable remote will make using your new garage a dream and with two remotes being included as standard you can make the most of your garage again.

A wired push button for operation use is also included in our Garolla Roller Garage Doors package, this simply fixes to the wall of your garage, enabling you to open or shut your Roller Shutter Door without the remote control.


To receive a quote for one of our Roller Garage Door, please call our team today on 0800 4681982.