What do you use your garage for? Do you use it for storage? Or is its sole purpose for your car? If your garage is just sat there with no use except as a dumping ground for old, unwanted items, you may want to consider transforming your garage into a usable space. Garages can be converted into a gym, a utility room or even a workshop.

The level of conversion you will need to do just depends on its intended use and the current state of your garage. Here at Garolla, we have condensed the process into six easy steps to get you started! However, it is important to remember if you want to convert your garage into a bedroom or living space more steps will need to be taken.

  1. The first step you should take before starting to make changes to your garage is to check for any building regulations or restrictive clauses in your lease or deeds to your house, which may limit you from converting your garage.
  2. During the planning stages of your new space, you should consider not taking away the properties that make it a garage. This includes your garage door, as when it comes to selling your property potential buyers maybe need a garage to park their car in.
  3. Making sure your garage is properly insulated is a must if you know that you will be spending a lot of time in there. To help keep you garage warm and properly insulated you should look at replacing your old garage door and any windows that might be letting in cold air. By replacing these items you will also be increasing the security of your garage.
  4. If your garage has uneven ridged flooring and you are planning of transforming the space into a liveable room, you may want to consider getting it evened out. Once the floor is level you can then add you own carpet or wood floor to give the garage more of a homely feel rather than an industrial one.
  5. Most garages already have plugs and lights fitted into them, but depending on what you wish to transform your space into, you may wish to get an electrician in to add more electrical points to your garage.
  6. Now the fun begins! Your last step in transforming your garage is to decorate it to your needs and add your furniture. It is your time to add your personal touch to your garage and transform it into the space you desire.

We hope you found these tips useful. To find out more about our Roller Shutter Garage Doors and how they can help with the transformation of your garage please click here.