How to Convert a Garage into a Room

Many of us dream of a home gym, or an extra place to chill out away from the noise and chaos of family members. Others want a place where they can invite friends over and make more noise without disturbing others. Either way, we all wouldn’t turn out an extra room in the house to do whatever we want with. 

One space in the house we don’t consider is the garage, if yours is just standing stale collecting dust, it might be the perfect solution for you. We’ll look into how to convert a garage into a room with these interesting and inspiring garage conversion ideas.


Ask household members

Before you begin idealising your perfect garage space, make sure you check with other members of your household that this is okay, maybe ask them if they have any ideas or even want to help you reach your goal! This way there are no arguments and everyone is on the same page, you may even also get the job done quicker. 


Have a clear-out

We’re all somewhat guilty of hoarding. Whether it be clothes you never wear but can’t bear to let go of, or dusty boxes of old toys or arts and crafts. This stage is crucial, as you need to be firm on your choices on what to keep and what to throw away. 

If your garage is quite full, the harsher you are the better use you’ll get out of a larger and well organised area. Consider donating items in good nick to charity, and disposing of other items such as clothes properly at your nearest clothes bank.


Decide what you want your space to be 

There are endless possibilities when it comes to deciding what you want your new spare room to become. Some of the top garage conversion ideas we love the sound of include:


Home gym: 

Perfect for getting away after a long day and sweating it out, it saves money in the long run as you aren’t tied to a monthly gym subscription, and reduces petrol costs to get there. With Garolla’s insulated garage doors, you don’t have to worry about the winter months, keep up your fitness routine all year round.


Home Gym


Home cinema: 

Big fan of movies? Convert your home into a cinema room with a large mounted TV screen or projector and a sofa. It doesn’t take much to get a great ambiance. Hook up your screen to some decent speakers and with our roller garage doors being insulated against sound too, you can be sure you don’t disturb the rest of the house when you decide to watch a late-night film. 



Chill out zone: 

Feel the need to have an extra living room? Sometimes we need that extra space for some time alone, or if you and your household don’t always like watching the same things. Maybe you need a quiet room to read in or do yoga in the mornings, with Garolla’s thermally efficient garage doors you can be sure to get your meditation on in comfort.



Games room: 

No matter your age, we could all have some fun with a games room. A place to keep the Nintendo Wii or other gaming console, a snooker table and darts board, or even just a board games room. This is a great way to dedicate a space where you and your guests can have some fun. Plug in a drinks fridge and you’ll be the most popular host!


Gaming Room in Garage Conversion


Insulate the room

Many garages are cool, with concrete floors and walls causing a cold atmosphere, making it hard to relax. Insulate the walls of the garage to keep heat in. There’s no need to insulate your garage opening when you install one of Garolla’s insulated garage doors. This will keep the heat in, and the cold out. Laying down carpet will also help keep your garage from becoming too cold, and using electric heaters in the harsh winter periods can aid further.


Install lighting

If you haven’t already got adequate lighting, you should install a new light to match this with your home’s decor, especially if the garage is connected to the rest of the house. Low lighting above a pool table will look sleek and professional. Lamps with an orange and warm tone will help make the environment cosy.


Decorate the room

Paint the inside of your room to create the perfect atmosphere. Note that light colours brighten a room and make it feel larger and more spacious. Whereas dark colours bring a more closed and intimate feel to the room. 

Then either lay down carpet over the concrete floor or you can use another material such as laminate or tile for easy cleaning. Add furnishings to complete your room with the appropriate theme. 

Did you know Garolla garage doors also come in many different colours with our garage door designer to match your home? So you can incorporate your garage door within your new converted room. We hope you have fun creating your extra space!