Our electric Garage Doors have been met with nothing but praise across the country in the last 12 months. We believe that our attention to detail and the high quality of our products, combined with our great customer service, makes us perfect for you.

But how do our electric roller shutter Garage Doors work? In this blog, we’ll explore the different parts that come together to create a Garolla Roller Shutter Garage Door.

How Do Electric Roller Shutter Garage Doors Work?

The Roller Shutter

Every roller shutter is made from machined Aluminium and filled with high-density foam for insulation.

Once manufactured, each slat is assembled to form a ‘curtain’ of aluminium slats that form a solid wall when the door is down. When it’s raised the slats fold over and roll into the compact top box above the door.

These Shutters are also available in 18 colours, including painted wood colours and come in two slat sizes, 55mm and 77mm, giving you greater control over how your door looks and operates.


The Electric Motor

We use a reliable motor from a German company renowned for their electric motors. The motor is operated using a wireless remote control or via the internal push button. The motor itself is designed to be used for years and years to come with no maintenance.

It won’t need to be fitted by an electrician either as the full unit runs on mains electricity. The Garage Door comes with a Standard UK Mains plug.


Security Features

Garolla Garage Doors are equipped with a number of features that make them a formidable opposition for burglars.

First of all, there’s the patented locking system. This locks the Roller Shutter using a unique design that prevents it from being pried open by an unwanted intruder.

Then there’s the bottom security slat. A thicker slat at the bottom that prevents the curtain being damaged from the bottom up. It acts as a protective level for the door.

Finally, there’s the triple side guide system that ensures the curtain moves up and down smoothly every time. This also ensures that the door can’t be prised from its housing, thanks to its strong side walls.


For more information on our Roller Garage Doors online, visit our Roller Garage Door page or for verbal assistance, call 0800 468 1982 and speak to our helpful customer enquiries team.