Here at Garolla, we proudly manufacture and install both Roller Shutter Garage Doors and Sectional Garage Doors.

If you’re searching for ‘Sectional Garage Doors near me’, you’ll be pleased to know that Garolla installs electric Sectional Garage Doors around the UK. No matter where you live in mainland UK, you can trust that your garage door can be updated by a Sectional Garage Door.

Carry on reading to find out more about Garolla’s brilliant Sectional Garage Door collection.
Garolla’s Sectional Garage Door Range

Style Options

Garolla has 4 door types to choose from: Small Ribbed, Medium Ribbed, Large Ribbed and Georgian.

Sectional Garage Doors with Ribbed Panels have a modern design and come in three variations. No matter if you opt for Small, Medium or Large Ribbed panels, they have horizontal ribs positioned at an even distance from one another. Meanwhile, Georgian Panels have more of a traditional appearance.

For both styles of electric Sectional Garage Doors, you get the choice of 26 colours in total. Ranging from ruby red to gentian blue, you can choose from the typical garage door colours and more at Garolla. Garolla even has three woodgrain effect shades, Rosewood, Golden Oak and Dark Oak, which provide a realistic alternative to wood.

You get the choice of either a smooth or woodgrain panel surface. But it is important to note that whilst our standard colours can have either a smooth or woodgrain finish, our woodgrain effect colours only come with a smooth finish.

To ensure that your new garage door maintains its sleek appearance for as long as possible, the door leaf of Garolla’s electric Sectional Garage Doors includes double-layer paint, a thick zinc coating and a protective lacquer coating. This also protects your Sectional Garage Door from any scratches.

Garolla’s selection of Sectional Garage Doors features a range of additional extras. Whilst our Sectional Garage Doors come with a white door frame as standard, we do have alternative door frame colours too. Special RAL door colours are also available on request, alongside window options.


If you’re looking for electric garage doors that provide safe operations for many years, Garolla’s Sectional Garage Doors are ideal.

Each Sectional Garage Door features torsion springs that are equipped with spring breaks. Torsion springs stop the Sectional Door leaf from falling in case of spring breakage. At Garolla, the torsion springs within a Sectional Garage Door are supplied at NO extra cost.

For an additional fee, Garolla does offer an external manual release. This is especially important for garages that have no other access point, as it allows the Sectional Garage Door to be opened in the event of a power failure.

Thermal Efficiency

At Garolla, our electric Sectional Garage Doors are manufactured to heighten your garages thermal efficiency.

The sandwich panel of our Sectional Garage Doors contains an internal steel sheet, external steel sheet and foamed polyurethane that improves your garages overall thermal efficiency.

In order to help keep your garage warm all year round, Sectional Garage Doors from Garolla also feature adjustable roller brackets. This ensures that the top panel seals directly to the top profile, which greatly reduces drafts and heat loss from your garage.

Whilst this will be set to its optimum during the installation of your Sectional Garage Door, you are able to make a fine adjustment in order to maintain the energy efficiency of your garage door over the years.

You can see what’s included in our Sectional Garage Doors price list and explore all of our Sectional Garage Doors online. Alternatively, you can call 0800 468 1982 to discuss Sectional Garage Doors with our customer care team.