Here at Garolla, we specialise in manufacturing and installing electric garage doors.

If you’re looking for the best garage doors, you’ll be pleased to know that Garolla is a garage door company with two different garage door ranges. You get the choice of Sectional Garage Doors and Roller Shutter Garage Doors.

At Garolla, we pride ourselves on having a brilliant Sectional Garage Door cost. Carry on reading to find out more about our electric Sectional Garage Doors.


Garolla’s Sectional Garage Doors Cost


Garolla’s Sectional Garage Doors

We have four different door types to choose from; Small Ribbed, Medium Ribbed, Large Ribbed and Georgian. A Single Garage Door or Double Garage Door with ribbed panels has a modern design.  A garage door installation from our Georgian range suits those wanting a traditional-looking Sectional Garage Door installation.

Garolla has 24 different colours available.

Black Sectional Garage Doors and Grey Sectional Garage Doors are perfect for those wanting ultra-sleek garage doors. Whilst we offer standard shades, e.g. Brown Garage Doors and Black Garage Doors. Garolla offers more adventurous shades too. You can get insulated Sectional Garage Doors in a bold colour, such as, Flame Red, Moss Green and Gentian Blue.

When you opt for Sectional Garage Doors, you get the choice of both a smooth and woodgrain panel surface. Our standard colours can have both a smooth OR woodgrain finish, whilst, our woodgrain effect colours only come with a smooth finish.

If you’re searching online for ‘garage door companies near me’ or ‘Sectional Garage Doors near me’, you’ll be pleased to know that Garolla installs aluminium garage doors across the UK.


What’s Included In Our Sectional Garage Door Cost?

Garolla aims to give each customer the best bang for their buck.

Offering a top-quality garage door service alongside high-quality electric Sectional Garage Doors, our Sectional Garage Doors prices contain a lot more than your new garage door. Included in our Sectional Garage Doors price is expert measuring and fitting from our garage door fitters.

Whether you’re interested in our Single or Double Garage Door prices, Garolla’s Sectional Garage Doors price list also contains VAT. The removal and disposal of your old automatic garage door are also included within our Sectional Garage Door cost.

Did you know that you can see all of our garage door prices on our website? Because we’ve got our entire electric garage door cost range visible online, you can see EXACTLY what’s included in our electric garage door prices.

Within our Sectional Garage collection, our electric garage doors price starts from only £1,495. This offer is valid for small ribbed sections with openings up to 2.6m wide. This Sectional Garage Door offer includes two remote controls, smooth WHITE panels and an internal manual override.

If you’re still wondering – how much are Garage Doors? Click here to explore everything included within our new garage door cost.

You can see all of our garage doors online. Or you can call 0800 468 1982 to discuss getting a new garage door with our dedicated customer care team.