Are you looking for Electric Garage Doors?

Your new garage door needs to improve your garage’s overall style, security and thermal efficiency.

Garolla has a brilliant Roller Garage Door collection available. Every inch of our Roller Shutter Doors is specifically designed to enhance your garage’s style, security AND thermal efficiency.

Carry on reading to find out more about getting a Roller Garage Door from Garolla.



An extremely important factor to consider when getting a new garage shutter is its style.

Our garage door fitters install automatic garage doors in a variety of colours. We’ve got typical garage door colours at Garolla. Such as blue, black and white. But, we also have a variety of non-conventional shades. In total there are 24 different shutter colours available. This includes several realistic textured wood-grain effects.

No matter if you desire to have a traditional or modern looking garage door, you’re sure to find the perfect Roller Doors at Garolla. Electric Roller Garage Doors from Garolla maintain a polished appearance for as long as possible. Their slats are coated with anti-corrosive, abrasion-resistant paint.

With Electric Roller Shutter Doors, you can enter your garage in style as well as ease. You don’t even have to leave your car to get into your garage. Our garage doors open with the push of a button.

Are you wondering how to clean an automatic garage door? Garolla’s Garage Roller Doors for sale are incredibly low maintenance. They simply require is a wipe down from time to time.


Electric Garage Doors: Security

We take security very seriously. Each Electric Roller Door we produce contains a plethora of different features to improve your garage’s security.

The slats that form each garage shutter are manufactured from extremely strong aluminium. The bottom slat is also held in place using high strength end locks. These prevent the bottom slat from being forced out of place by intruders.

Within these Electric Garage Doors is a patented auto-locking system. This comprises of a 70m octagonal barrel, which is attached to the top lath. Octagonal barrels offer more protection than round barrels that are traditionally used in garage doors.


Electric Garage Doors: Thermal Efficiency

Is your garage attached to your home? Whether it is or isn’t, your garage should be sufficiently thermal efficient. No matter if you use your garage as an extra storage space. Or as a home office, gym or music studio, your garage door can further increase your garage’s thermal efficiency.

Roller Garage Doors are ideal for those wanting to maintain their garage’s warmth for longer. The garage door slats within our Roller Shutter Doors are insulated using CFC free foam. This insulates again both heat and sound.

A rubber seal is also fitted to the bottom slat of our Roller Shutter Garage Doors, which helps prevent any drafts and water from entering your garage.



We give each customer the best bang for their buck. Our Roller Shutter Garage Doors prices include more than your chosen garage door!

Included in our prices is expert measuring, fitting and VAT. A full guarantee is even contained within Garolla’s electric Roller Garage Doors prices. At Garolla, your Roller Garage Door price also contains the removal and disposal of your old garage door.

We have all of our prices online. The price you see is the price you pay. You can trust that Garolla will NOT surprise you with any hidden fees.

By calling 0800 468 1928 you can also speak to our friendly customer care team about our Roller Shutter Garage Doors or check out our entire website!