When it comes to old, traditional style garage doors, not only are they less secure and less thermally efficient they also take up a lot of room. These styles include up and over garage doors as well as outward opening garage doors and eliminate some usable space either outside or inside your garage. However, with Electric Roller Shutter Garage Doors, this is not the case.

This week our blog is going to look at our range of Electric Garage Doors and how they are space saving in design!

Electric Roller Shutter Garage Doors - Space Saving in Design
If you have a small garage or have more than one car and not a lot of space to park, then we know that having a space saving garage door may be important to you. Which is why it will be good to know that with one of our garage doors you can park right up to the door on both sides and have full head space inside.

Our garage doors are able to use minimal space as the garage door itself rolls up tightly into a bop box that is fitted at the top of your garage. As if this wasn’t a good enough reason to Purace a new Roller Shutter Garage Door, they are also electric so you can open the door with a push of a button from inside your car.

Just because these Garage Doors are space saving doesn’t mean that their security, thermal efficiency or low-maintenance qualities are affected in any way. In fact, the slats used to create our Electric garage doors are twin-walled aluminium and are insulated using CFC free foam.

This simple yet effective design has led to the design is the easiest and quickest to install garage doors to install on the market. This is due to 98% of the work being done at our manufacturing plant in the UK.


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