Garage Doors are often a blunt and brutish feature of your home, overlooked as an anonymous necessity. They can also be clunky, stubborn and awkward to use. But we don’t allow any of our other homeware to be anything less than convenient and attractive, so why allow our roller garage doors to be?

At Garolla, we see each electric roller garage door we make as a chance to transform your home. With an elegant yet functional design and options to suit any property, these roller shutter doors are the ideal home improvement. Here’s why:

Ease And Elegance - The Electric Roller Garage Door

An Elegant Appearance

Garolla’s high end Roller Shutter Doors are designed to be aesthetically pleasing when fitted to any property. Their compact design, PUR/PA coloured lacquer finish and the option of a hidden internal top box make them the perfect choice for the style conscious or minimalist homeowner.

Electric garage doors from Garolla come in 18 popular colours, chosen form architecturally relevant tones such as Anthracite Grey, Moss Green and many more. They’re also designed to be visually appealing in design, with aluminium slats specially made to resist weathering and to maintain the appropriate level of security.


Ease of Use

To ensure operation is as smooth and effortless as possible, Garolla’s electric roller garage doors range feature a simple wireless remote opening device, to open your door from the comfort of your car. If you’re sick of clambering from your car in the pouring rain, blistering cold and freezing snow then this feature is a godsend.

Simply use the car-key-sized controller to operate the reliable electric motor inside your Garolla garage door. These roller shutter garage doors also feature an ‘electric eye’ system which detects objects under the shutter curtain and stops the motor before it touches anything in the way. This is perfect if you’ve got small children or free roaming pets.

If you’re interested in an installation, Garolla fit roller garage doors UK-wide, making the process of finding a local installer quick and easy.

With new products, like sectional garage doors, coming soon, make sure you keep an eye on the Door Supermarket blog for all the latest news and offers!


For more information regarding our electric garage door’s fitted prices, contact our customer enquiries team on 0800 468 1982 or use our online Door Design wizard.